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The Ministry of the Pew

by admin on February 6th, 2012

Helpful article here.  An excerpt -

Some years ago a pastor, Ray Ewers, instructed me in the finer art of how to walk into church. To most people, this might appear to be a rather basic accomplishment requiring little or no tutelage. Perhaps a family with five toddlers would appreciate some advice, but most of us would never give it a thought. Ray’s instruction was very brief: “Pray about where you sit”.

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  1. Dearly Beloved Brothers & Sisters in Christ,
    Greetings to you in the most precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.God has privileged me to be in touch with you prayerfully for your prayer Support in our ministry.First I am very much happy to introduce myself.I am Pastor David servant of God from India brought from Hindu community.God has called me for His service from my sinful life and now I am living as a witness for Christ. I am very much happy to do His mighty service by faith in these last days.I am very much happy to share something about our ministry for your prayer support.Really it is very great privilege and a great blessing to me to do His service on this earth to win many perishing souls for our Lord Jesus Christ.By His grace we are doing this blessed ministry independently by faith.This ministry is Registered by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.
    By His abundant grace we have established 13 congregations in some villages and towns yet. Some co-pastors are co-operating with me in our ministry for the extension of the kingdom of God. Especially we are doing this ministry in rural, tribal and remote slum areas. God has blessed us richly to do His service in our region especially among Hindu community PRAISE THE LORD.
    India is a country of Hinduism as the main religion.The people worship trees, snakes, animals, sun, sea and stones.They don’t know the real God and the Saviour is Lord Jesus Christ. For this reason we are doing this ministry among Hindu community and our zeal is to preach the gospel among Hindu community to know their real God and personal Saviour is Lord Jesus Christ AMEN.We are living in coastal region near Bay of Bengal.Our aim is to reach every nook and corner to promote the Gospel to every perishing soul. We hope in Lord, Your kind involvement will enable us to achieve our goal. Please pray and extend your kind co-operation in our ministry if God’s willing.You warm welcome to India. Please pay your esteemed visit to India to see our mighty works what we are doing here for His Glory and Honour. Please pray for our ministry and join your hands with us to save India for our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ. We need your precious fellowship and guidance in our ministry.
    Our Projects: -
    1.Gospel outreach,
    2. Door to Door personal Evangelism,
    3.Youth Bible School and youth Retreat
    4.Children Ministry
    5. Youth Ministry
    6.Women Ministry
    7.We are running an orphan home with few children including the children of HIV people who lost their parents.
    Our main desire: – We would like to invite you to visit our ministry and be a main speaker to our gospel crusade if God’s will. If you give permission I will send you our ministerial pictures by attachment.Please join your hands with us to save many souls for Christ in India especially from Hindu community.Please pray if God inspires you to do His service in India together please extend your divine love and kind involvement to our ministry for the extension of the Kingdom of God.All our Church people,co-pastors and Church elders are sending their heartily greetings to you all.I await your e-mail hopefully soon.
    In Christ Great Love & Service
    Yours Brother in Christ,
    Pastor David.

    • Thanks to ChurchMedia for designing that fiya site for us at Brainerd Baptist. I’m the Communications Director (graphic deigensr) there but don’t have the web design skills. The guys at CM delivered in a huge way with a website right in line with our brand.

    • Times are changing for the better if I can get this online!

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    • I was blessed to be able to deisgn the Access site, super cool guys. Thanks for including the site on the list, I really love it. Also, the Brainerd site is rad. I love how simple the homepage is, great background too.

    • The mission 68 site is a psoernal fav of mine, we are looking at a redevelopment and have been taking a lot of inspiration from the Mission68 guys. Their About Staff page is really awesome, one of the nicest looking pages!

    • You Amy are such an inspiration to me! The love and faith in our Lord you both eximplefy in your daily living is truly Saintly. I am extremely blessed to know you. God is great, Jesus is Lord!Love ya’,Rob Edwards

    • Definitely agree with what you stated. Your explanation was certainly the easiest to understand. Tell you something, I usually get irked when folks focus on issues that they plainly don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail right about the head and explained out everything without complication. Maybe, people can consider a signal. Will likely be back again to obtain more. Many thanks

    • Oh you two .I know just exactly how you feel. I have been there and thoguht the very same things. Isn’t it absolutely amazing how GOD knows best for us .way better then we could ever imagine! I am in tears reliving our experience through yours! It is an amazing journey .enjoy every minute of it. I can’t wait to meet Cora Jane. She is beautiful just like her Momma! You are so blessed! Love you both!

    • Taking the overview, this post is first class

    • Cheers pal. I do appreciate the writing.

    • Normally I’m against killing but this article slaughtered my ignorance.

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